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Students from the Isle of Wight college made this great video for us as part of their Media Studies coursework.  Learn a little more about Storeroom.


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SASC the wonderful company who loaned Storeroom the monies to purchase our main premises,  have made this short film about Storeroom.  Please click on the link, it might take a few moments to download

The SASC loan has helped to secure our future for the Isle of Wight community

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Here is a short video (just 3 minutes), showing you a little of the Storeroom charity premises and providing some factual information.  Please click on  the link below to view video.

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The Thin Green Line is a documentary film celebrating positive action on the Isle of Wight 

The Footprint Trust is an island charity, offering free guidance on conservation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, re-cycling and they also assist with community endeavours.

Teaming up with Isle of Wight film makers, Utility Films, a 60 minute documentary was produced to celebrate positive initiatives by businesses, schools, voluntary organisations and individuals on our lovely island.

The ‘Thin Green Line’ premiered November 2011 and DVD’s have been distributed throughout the UK and internationally in the hope that the innovators on the Isle of Wight will inspire others.  You can purchase ‘The Thin Green Line’ from the Footprint Trust and all profits from sales will go towards Footprint Trust projects on the Isle of Wight.

The documentary was supported by The Southern Co-operatives, REG Windpower, Waitrose and Wight Salads.

The following websites contain further information about the work of the Footprint Trust and Utility Films. You can also view more clips from ‘The Thin Green Line’ on the Footprint Trust website.

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