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Our recent survey  –  Cowes Men’s Shed

Our recent survey on the Cowes Men’s Shed has now closed.  Thank you to everyone (some from mainland UK) who completed it for us.  Your thoughts and insights have been very useful indeed.

Please see these few notes below, from our survey findings: –

  • It would seem a minority of men would prefer women to be excluded and some women think they are excluded.  The Cowes Men’s Shed is open to everyone aged 18+.  This is because it is a Community Project, brought to you by Storeroom and as we say, Storeroom, an island charity, dedicated to helping island people.  We have been told some sheds exclude all woman and men aged younger than 55, so if that has happened and disappointed you, do come to the Cowes Men’s Shed and join our shedders.
  • Some people felt there weren’t enough power tools.  Maybe these people visited us in our first two weeks.  The carpentry workshop is really very well equipped and do you know what is so good about that?  People from our local community and some shed members have donated loads of power tools to the Shed and a local business on our estate has also donated wood.  So, plenty of everything for everyone to use and enjoy!  Adam, our ‘head shed’ even keeps all the little left over bits of wood for kindling, so nothing is wasted and if you want a bag of kindling please pop in to see him for a bargain.
  • Most people were familiar with the Shed Movement and loved this amazing idea which has swept the world.  They were pleased to enjoy and/or support sheds, either by attending or letting others know where they were and what you could do at your shed.


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Storeroom2010 is a small independent furniture re-use charity, operating without the benefits of statutory funding.  Situated on the Isle of Wight, Storeroom is in an area which suffers disproportionally high unemployment and child poverty compared to many other areas in the UK.  Storeroom2010 enables impoverished and disadvantaged families to be able to affordably furnish their homes, thereby improving their quality of life.

When referred by statutory and voluntary agencies, customers who are in need benefit from a discount on many of the already very reasonably priced items at Storeroom.

All the furniture you see at Storeroom has been donated by Island residents, providing affordable furnishing to those who cannot afford to purchase new.  Furniture re-use also minimises impact on the environment as a smaller amount of bulky items are disposed of at our landfill site.   Storeroom2010 enables Island residents to recycle, help their community and their local environment too.

Keeping Storeroom2010 open to everyone who would benefit from affordable furniture is our main priority.  We are often asked where the money from shop sales goes to?  Well, it enables us to be here for you all, we still have to pay the bills!  It also goes towards our training programme for local unemployed people, many of whom have taken advantage of the free courses we offer at our dedicated education premises adjacent to Storeroom.

In a nutshell the purpose of Storeroom2010 charity and its objectives are threefold: –

  • The prevention and relief of poverty by offering donated furniture and household goods at minimal cost to people in need
  • The protection and preservation of the environment by encouraging re-use of donated furniture and household goods
  • The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be thought fit including the provision of training, employment, work experience and volunteering opportunities

Our community has often heard of us through word of mouth, but also from our adverts placed regularly on Wightbay.  Why not go to to see some of the many items we currently have for sale – from their home page just search for Storeroom2010.

We are situated at 1 Mariners Way, Cowes, PO31 8PD (on the Somerton Estate opposite the ALDI supermarket and just along from Cowes Park & Ride) where we have a warehouse and shop.  There is FREE parking right outside our front door.  We are open to everyone!

We would not be here without the help and support of our volunteers and from local people and businesses.  Thank you all.

Storeroom is always interested in your unwanted furniture and household items and offers FREE collections!

Anything which is ready for immediate re-use and which does not need cleaning or repair, may be just what we want!  Upholstered items such as sofas, armchairs and mattresses, must have the fire safely labels attached.  This is a legal requirement.  When our driver visits you it is his decision whether an item is suitable for Storeroom or not.  Please do not be offended if the driver cannot take the item/s you are offering.

Our office is open 10-4, Tuesday to Saturday for your calls on 298679.  Our ansafone is available out of hours.

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For a copy of our most recent leaflet, please click on the link below: –

Storeroom Leaflet

and here is our latest newsletter: –

September 2018 newsletter

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Cowes Men’s Shed – open Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm, 50 weeks a year

Open to everyone 18+

Free Membership – Free parking usually available at the Cowes Park & Ride Bus Stop

mis pix1

Find us at 25, 26 Somerton Industrial Park, Cowes, PO31 8PA


Create, Converse, Connect!!

This may just be what you have always needed, don’t be bored at home and if you have nowhere to practice your carpentry or gardening skills – this is for you!  More information on our Cowes Men’s Shed page.


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The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

We are pleased and proud to say our volunteers received this award on 2 June 2017. The award was created by The Queen in 2002 to mark the occasion of her Golden Jubilee, recognising excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community. It is the MBE for volunteer groups.

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How have we helped? – for previous months see page on this site

September 2018

Thank you again for all your lovely donations of furniture and household goods and if you were able to gift aid those donations to us, that was very helpful for us too – we love it when the taxman has to help us out!  While we’re thanking everyone, we’ve not forgotten our customers!  You too are part of our success and we hope you enjoy your visits here and have found a bargain or two?

Don’t forget, if you have bought something from Storeroom to upcycle and have before and after photos, we would love to share them on our Facebook page.  Please email your photos to

Storeroom would not be operating without the invaluable help and support of our hard working volunteer team, who gave us over 750 hours of their time and expertise in September. They help with so many different tasks to keep Storeroom up and running for the benefit of everyone in our local community.

During September we were able to re-use almost 1,700 items which totalled over 13,150kgs or imagine that weight instead as similar to 351 average fireplace surrounds.  Together we save many bulky items of furniture from maybe ending up in our island landfill and it means those that cannot afford the luxury of buying new items have the chance to affordably make their living space into a more comfortable home.

Storeroom was involved in another ISLE OF WIGHT DAY! Weather wasn’t up to much so our bunting went up inside 😊 We like to be different !

The Cowes Men’s Shed is going strong and we welcome new members regularly.  We do have a survey running, why not take the opportunity to complete it (you don’t have to be a Shed member) as it closes soon.  Please go to: –

Finally the Shed has a Bacon Butty event on Monday 15th October between 11am & 1 pm if you want to pop in to see what goes on in amongst the sawdust, now’s your chance. . . .


Fireplace £95 15.08.18

Storeroom, the island’s leading furniture re-use charity

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Where can you go for help if you are suffering hardship?

Isle Help – Help through Crisis, will consider all applications for assistance for those experiencing genuine hardship. Please follow this link

No cash will be given, but help can be provided finding other sources of assistance. The new scheme will focus on signposting and this may involve referrals to other agencies and services as the funding for the scheme is limited. In addition the new scheme will assist in reviewing benefits and accessing grants or loans, however there is an expectation that individuals plan for lifestyle changes.

Helping Hands Scheme

Helping Hands is a small grant fund that assists people on the Isle of Wight who are experiencing hardship or crisis by providing emergency funding for essential items or services. They have a flexible approach to what they can fund depending upon individual circumstances and need. However, they do not fund white goods. Most of their grants are less than £100.   For more information, guidelines and application form, please email or call 524058.

Friends of the Elderly (FOTE)

Storeroom recently saw a customer who had been granted funds from this organisation. Please go to for further information. Who do they help? Beneficiaries are typically of state retirement age, living in England or Wales, managing on a low income with savings of less than £4,000 and not living in a residential care home.  Individuals cannot apply directly to FOTE, this has to be done through a third party organisation.

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Member of the Cowes Business Association

Member of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Membership Certificate - valid to 1.9.19

Member of the Re-use Network

reuse NETWORK membership cert 2018-2019

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Quality in Business

Storeroom has received the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce

Quality in Business award

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